Analytical Services


BOE Securities, rebranded as BOE Analytical Services, is a leading minority-owned firm offering customized financial model building services that serve the unique needs of institutional investors. Founded in 1997, the firm is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. with micro-offices around the world including Mumbai, India


BOE Analytical Services supports both fundamental and quantitative investors by building and maintaining financial models that assist them in their search “Alpha”. We focus on providing our clients with both accurate and timely financial models. Financial analysts and portfolio managers are our clients, and we serve as their research support team with our quantitative models developed from our own internal research and fundamental models that we customize for each client.

At BOE, fast models are our business. In fact, every day, we devote our time, attention and resources to perfecting the art and science of creating models that enable institutional investors to make fast decisions. We utilize predictive modeling technology combined with intuitive insights to build unique models that support your investment decision-making. As a boutique research firm with over 25 years of serving the nation’s leading investment managers, BOE knows the problems that keep our clients up at night. That’s why we work around the clock to ensure that our expertise lightens your load and enables you to act with confidence knowing that your models are reliable. 

BOE knows that building models is time-consuming and a distraction from your most important task of decision making. Allow BOE to make you more efficient and effective by providing you with reliable, customized models that can guide you to sound decisions fast.


The firm is led by both Bufus Outlaw and Sabu Joseph, both Founding members of the original BOE Securities, Inc. In 1998 that is now BOE Analytical Services today. Bufus Outlaw Jr., Founder and CEO is an accomplished financial professional with over three decades of experience. Bufus Outlaw’s longtime desire to become an entrepreneur, coupled with his passion for investment research, led to his establishment of the Philadelphia-based BOE Securities, Inc., in 1997.

Mr. Outlaw graduated with a BBA in accounting from Howard University in 1982. He later attended the University of Chicago in 1987, where he earned an MBA in finance. Sabu Joseph, President, attended St. Berchman’s College in India majoring in Mathematics and Physics. Sabu received a Master of Business Administration from Drexel University.